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I am Teresaling – Founder, Creative Director and Calligrapher. What started out as a hobby quickly bloomed into something bigger with me sharing my passion with like-minded people and making stationeries for your needs.

I first picked up a calligraphy pen in high school back in the 90s but with no proper support or information (I come from a small town called Taiping in Malaysia), I dumped the idea of learning it. When I moved to Sydney four years ago, I picked up the interest again as an outlet for my stress and anxiety as a stay-at-home-mom. Art has always been very therapeutic for me – something that I inherited from my mother and sisters as they are all very talented and creative.

Because this grows from the passion and desire to create beautiful stationery, you can be assured that each piece is created with lots of love. I love creating your customised items and hope that you will love them too.

Currently based in Sydney, I am available worldwide. I work with every occasion and event as well as media and PR launches. To know more about what I can offer, please click through the links or contact me.