December 8th, 2015

TUTORIAL: Glam up your card!

Ok, so who knew uploading to youtube can take forever? Doesn’t help that the internet connection here is pathetic! You’d think Sydney will have really good internet. :(

First up, I must apologise for the poor quality of the video AND the poor recording. You’ll see why later on. 

So, this tutorial is for the “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” downloadable card available in my last post. 


It is pencil light because I meant it for you to write over it with a coloured pen or marker of your choice. 

TIP: Print it on a coloured paper and go over it with a metallic coloured pen for that special sparkle!

All of the downloadable cards come with crop marks outside the box of the card so that when you cut it, you will not get a visible line down the sides. If you have a scorer, remember to score the middle before folding your card. 

Glammed up Card


I used Kikki.k’s Gold, Bronze and Silver metallic gel pens for this tutorial. 

Glammed up card

In this tutorial, I used faux calligraphy as my style to write over the wordings. Not sure what faux calligraphy is? Lindsey Bugbee of The Postman’s Knock has a great tutorial on this over at her blog. But hey, while you are there, don’t just stop there! Check out the other fantastic tutorials she has there. She has lots of them so be sure to grab a cup of coffee for a nice afternoon read. 

The great thing about this design is that it allows you to design it to your liking. If you love watercolouring, you can paint all around the card. I just went for something simple and basic like snowflakes and dots. 

Final output slammed up card

But the one thing I encourage you to do while working on this card is to have FUN! Don’t get stressed up over the mistakes. As you can see through the video below, I made a couple of mistakes and I was itching to reprint and make it again but I wanted to just show you that home made/DIY cards does not have to be perfect. It’s the whole process of making the card that makes it so meaningful to the person you are giving. :)

Final output glammed up card

No ideas for add on designs? I’ll just have to suggest going to The Postman’s Knock again to get your much needed inspiration. Not only that, it comes with step-by-step instructions on how to do it! She’s got a couple of cool printable envelopes like this, this, this and this

I hope you find this noob video on how to glam up your card useful! Let me know if you would like to see other freebies on this blog and I’ll try to make it happen! 

And be sure to share your glammed up cards on instagram with #glammedupcards!

Annnddd….here is the video. 

December 1st, 2015

FREEBIES: Christmas Cards

I think Christmas time is arguably everyone’s favourite time of the year. And by everyone, I mean everyone. Offices and companies all over the world join in the merriment because even if you don’t celebrate it, it has become such an iconic season of giving which is what I love and adore about this season. 

You don’t have to celebrate Christmas to participate in this joyous occasion. Every year, when I was working in the corporate world, we organised Secret Santa’s and Grab Bags and everyone had a lot of fun. So what is Christmas without a little freebie right? :)

I have created a couple of free designs that is available for download. I am a minimalist so my designs reflects that. But, the great thing about it being minimal is if you prefer to glam it up, you can do that! 

Christmas Wreath Christmas CardNothing like an iconic and traditional winter decoration – a wreath. It’s in black and white but feel free to colour the wreath to your liking!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it SnowAustralia may not be feeling the cold that is normally associated to Christmas but who says you can’t send some snow greetings anyway? Ooo baby, let it snow! Please, like seriously, can it snow in Sydney? It’s so hot now!

This will doI decided to get a little bit naughty with this one. It’s great for someone who can take it. 

DIY Can you see this one? This one is designed for you to make it yourself! Ok, honestly, this is only if you like my writing. You can have a lot of fun with this one. The wordings are meant to be that light because it’s meant for you to go over it with any coloured pens that you like! It’s as if you made it all on your own! Then, have some fun decorating it to your hearts content! I’ll be sharing how I did mine in the next post with a video. Woo wee! So exciting!

So where do I get the files?! Fear not, it’s all right here. Please share your glammed up cards on instagram and be sure to use the hashtag #glammedupcards so I can find them! Enjoy!

**DISCLAIMER: The usage of these downloadable files are only for personal use. It cannot be use for commercial purposes or repackaged to be sold. All copyrights to these free cards belong to Teresaling Designs. Please credit where necessary. Thanks!**

 Christmas Wreath Christmas Card LINK   Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow  LINK
 This will do  LINK  DIY  LINK


November 12th, 2015

6 Summer Trends To Stock Up On Right Now

Spring has sprung, and as the winter chill continues to retreat back into hibernation, the sun is beaming with its bright light, bringing us plenty of heat. In this beautiful seasonal period of spring-to-summer, fashion lovers are already rocking the hottest spring trends. But those who are truly style-inclined know that it’s time to stock up on some seriously haute summer pieces before the season hits with full force.

lyst retro

With that said, one of the easiest ways to round up the best summer trends is to pull straight from the runways. After all, the catwalk is the first place a fashion trend appears before trickling down to the masses. Since it can be time-consuming to sift through the endless runway reports, I’ve decided to do a little of the legwork and compile the six best summer trends you’ll be rushing to the store to grab before everyone else.

Here’s your summer style insider report…

1. Flirt With Floral

A perennial spring and summer staple, floral hasn’t quite made its exit from the trend scene. In fact, according to this report, floral looks are even blooming within the menswear market, which means this once-girly print has officially made the industry crossover to prove its staying power.

2. On With Off-White

It’s virtually impossible to enter the hot months without an arsenal of breezy, white garments. Forever a favourite on the summer colour set, white is a go-to shade, but try a creamier version mixed with the original stark shade. This look from Alena Akmdadullina’s show is a great example. Just remember that “matching” has a whole new meaning; mixing shades is the key.

3. Metallic Handbags To Hold

As stated here, “Metallic bags were noted in the major collections, including Chanel, Akris, Lanvin and Louis Vuitton.” Shying away from the sparkle, this season is all about the mirrored metal look—a bit more iridescent and industrial-chic than past trends.

4. Relive Retro

Silhouettes have taken a step back in time. This summer, it’s all about ultra-old fashioned details embellished with a modernized twist. Head here and you’ll see that neck bows are back from the colonial day. The trick to pulling off this trend is to balance the retro with uniquely fresh elements.

5. Sneaking Around

Keep the heels for special occasions only this summer, and strut the sidewalks in stylish sneakers. Ever since athleisure changed the scope of casual wear, trendsetters everywhere are dressing up sneakers in the least athletic of ways. This site has some great inspiration if you’re feeling particularly shy about ditching the pumps.

6. Nod To Nautical

Maritime colour palettes have come off the boat and into our everyday ensembles. If you’re known to step out of your comfort zone, try the mod navy, white and orange minimalist look from Sportmax. For a more classic look, opt for the tried-and-true nautical style with navy and white stripes.

I don’t know about you guys but I am very much looking forward to summer and don’t you just love the line up of fashion trends this summer? I don’t think I have enough florals in my wardrobe. Time to go out and get some! Adios!

November 7th, 2015

Make for Good campaign

I have decided to join a project organised by Etsy AU in partnership with Plan International to help change the world for girls. To read more on this great cause, please visit…/…/lets-get-together-and-makeforgood/

In a nutshell, it is to participate in Plan International’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign. In some countries, girls/women are not given the opportunity to good education or are subjected to gender-based violence/responsibilities (ie married women stays at home to cook and care for family only). For more on Plan International’s mission, please go to their website.

It’s very hard to imagine what it’s like seeing that we are fortunate enough to not go through it. I am blessed to have such an understanding husband, a fantastic family, supportive friends and amazing clients. I have been a stay-at-home-mom for 2.5 years and only recently I started becoming more active in trying to make something out of my hobby and job hunting. After 2.5 years of that, I am itching to do more with my life. This is me. Fortunately, people around gave me a chance. My bosses took a chance with me by letting me into their business and happily sharing their knowledge. My husband supports me by providing me with supplies to do my calligraphy which is slowly but surely gaining some client base.

To me, this is all tough work. Starting from ground up on a small business plan. However, it was easy for me to get this started. Why? Because I am given a chance to prove that I can do something. Therefore, with this campaign and the money collected, we hope that this can help many girls/women in their journey to become someone that they wish to be.

The theme of the products sold is “Silver Lining” so I have decided to hand write my favourite quotes in high quality silver ink. I have my first item up on my etsy shop and 30% of the sale price goes to the Make For Good campaign.…/winnie-the-pooh-quote-handwritten-mo…

Please take some time and visit the Etsy website for more ‪#‎makeforgood‬ products. Perhaps, you’ll find a nice Christmas present there. Even if you do not wish to buy, please go ahead and share this so it can reach far and wide.

I’ll have more items posted soon so please stay tuned!

Winnie the Pooh

October 25th, 2015

Modern calligraphy

Early this year, I picked up calligraphy again. I first picked it up in high school and then again in University but with no support and very little supplies, I quit. I wasn’t in it whole heartedly anyway. 

So while browsing through beautiful stationeries and wedding invites (why am I looking at wedding invites?!), I was drawn the gorgeous calligraphy both with a pointed pen and with a brush. So I researched and found out about the different nibs that help you create strokes and hairlines. So a few supplies and a couple of bucks poorer, I started calligraphy again. 

And also a bit of brush lettering.   

Like most things, calligraphy takes a lot of practice. Contrary to popular beliefs, stay-at-home-moms do not have a lot of free time. So the only time I have to myself is when she naps/sleeps. I am also thankful for days she goes to daycare so I have two days off for myself to get better at doing this. Like most parents, parenthood is tiring and can take a toll on you emotionally. Calligraphy is a way for me to unwind and forget all about the stressful parenting moments.  

I tried my hand at some flourishing and failed miserably but hey, I’ve got to start somewhere! In the beginning, I loved going with my own styles. I liked writing however I feel like.

Now, I try to write proper copperplate style – a 55 degree slant and a better control of shading. Although, honestly, there is no right way to modern calligraphy. If your style suits you (and your potential clients), just go with it! However, it is still good to get yourself acquainted with different writing styles so that you have a wider variety to offer. 

Fast forward to today, I have improved and with plenty of support, I am was commissioned to do a couple of projects. I look forward to sharing the joy in doing this. I love typography and I love it when clients are happy with my work.  


  A special customed one for a special someone!   A photo posted by Ling (@teresaling) on



Gold shimmery goodness ready for mail! A photo posted by Ling (@teresaling) on




For you @tykwinnie! Gold goodness for you too!   A photo posted by Ling (@teresaling) on

There’s still plenty to improve and I will as I practice more and more! 

And if you would ever like to get in touch with me on some calligraphy work, do email me at I can customise your envelopes for weddings, escort cards, place cards as well as customised logos. 

For more behind the scenes, do check out my instagram account!

July 20th, 2015


Easy Store 25% off

I am having a FLASH SALE on my Etsy Store today! It’s 25% off and you can use the coupon code upon checkout. It’s currently all digital files only which is perfect if you prefer to print them out on your own so you can get your prints immediately! 

If you do put them up on your wall, be sure to share them on Instagram and tag me!

June 29th, 2015

The kid turned two!

The kid turned two some time back. I can’t believe it! We have been parents for two years now! Talk about a big accomplishment. I wouldn’t exactly say we loved every minute of it. There were a couple of hair pulling moments specifically night times but on the whole, it has been an amazing experience. 

2nd Birthday Fondant Mickey Mouse Cake

As with every birthday celebrated in our home, I’d like to make and customise the birthday cakes. This year, the kid gets to see the making of the cake. She kept coming around while I was making fondant Mickeys and exclaiming, “Oh Mickey Mouse!”. Well, at least I know it looks like Mickey! Phew.

2nd Birthday Fondant Mickey Mouse Cake

As I was cracking my head on a figurine to make this year, I finally decided to make a tradition instead. I made the same figurines as last year but added on the Mickey headbands for the little missy and Rosco. So every year going forward, the kid and the dog will spot different outfits/add ons while maintaining a somewhat similar pose. It’s an idea, gotta see how it goes!

2nd Birthday Fondant Mickey Mouse Cake

The cupcakes are for the kids at the daycare and since it’s gonna be eaten by kids, I decided to make a “healthier” option so I made banana cake. It is also one of my favourite cakes to make because I managed to snag a pretty good recipe for this. I knew it was going to be a favourite for everyone as well.

2nd Birthday Fondant Mickey Mouse Cake

It was my first time making this many cupcakes – 38 in total. To be honest, I was pretty frazzled at one point wondering if I could even finish up the batch of cupcakes. And the weather? Hey, what’s up with the rain, Sydney? It was raining for three days straight – apparently the worst storm in a long time. The wet weather was a bummer especially working with fondant. The fondant wouldn’t dry and it was sticky. Everything was droopy as heck! Bad timing.

Still, everything went perfectly as planned and the cakes were amazing. Everyone loved it and I had fun making it.

We surprised the kid at daycare with the cupcakes and sang the birthday song for her. She got so embarrassed and hid her face throughout the song, much to our amusement. =) 

We set up her personal cake on a stool ready for her when she got back. She hasn’t seen the finished version so that would be a surprise for her. She was absolutely happy to see the little cake and couldn’t stop smiling. There was another round of birthday song and blowing of the candle. In our excitement, we only stuck one candle in the cake! She’s gonna have questions in future about the number of candles on her cake. 

I think we made it really special for her this birthday. I hope she felt special too. I love birthdays and love celebrating with my loved ones so I want to make sure the kid feels the same too. I think she did enjoy her birthday and would probably never remember this day but we have pictures and videos for her to see in future. 

Happy birthday, kiddo. We love you lots and lots!


May 6th, 2015

FREE STUFF: Mother’s day Instant download card

With Mother’s day around the corner in most parts of the world, many are scrambling to get cards to send home. This is my first Mother’s Day here in Sydney and even though I don’t always celebrate this special day with my mom every year, being so far away really does make me miss her even more. 

I celebrated my first Mother’s Day with my mom and it was wonderful! What a great way to start mine with my mother. In all honesty, I loved seeing how my mom plays and interacts with the kid and I feel quite sad really that we are this far away from home. My mom is truly such a great Grandma because even through FaceTime, she can still find ways to play with the kid.

Here comes the fun part! I am giving away free downloadable Mother’s Day card. All you need to do is to print the card, fold it and stick it into an envelope and you are done! The card is done in a minimalistic manner that allows you to style it or glam it up as much as you want. Here are some of the things I’ve done to mine before I send it off to my mom.

DIY GLAM Mother's Day Card Free Downloadable

DIY GLAM Mother's Day Card Free Downloadable

DIY GLAM Mother's Day Card Free Downloadable

DIY GLAM Mother's Day Card Free Downloadable

DIY GLAM Mother's Day Card Free Downloadable

Have fun with your free downloads! Hope you enjoy them!


INSTANT DOWNLOAD Happy mother's day card



Happy Mother's Day (97 downloads )





Selamat Hari Ibu (102 downloads )





Thank You, Mom (93 downloads )
April 7th, 2015

Teresaling has an Etsy store!

I have been away and busy. Lately, we’ve been sending the kid to daycare twice a week and that gives me time to look for work opportunities as well as working on my new venture and passion. 

Teresaling has an ETSY STORE!

If you have not noticed, on your right, you’ll see my Etsy store! I sell motivational wall arts with handwritten typography  or vector designed images. All of these are designed right here at home. Right now, you are able to purchase the downloadable files for an affordable price before I start selling prints only. These files are best for prints of A4 sizes but if you want larger sizes, let me know! 

Looking to expand the range in future, I am thinking of creating customised ang pau packets, invitations, postcards, party labels and you guessed it, MORE wall arts!

If you have something in mind and would like me to get it done, you can give me a buzz at and I will respond to you.

Feel free to look around the shop. There’s not much now but there’s more to come!


March 17th, 2015

Winter workwear

Winter workwear 2015


Now, if I have a job and I have money, I would totally go out and get this for work. 

But I am far from it. Right now, I am still wearing my PJs with the kid clinging on to me. It’s 4pm now by the way. Oh, so glamourous!

I love these stuff I pulled out at Polyvore because instead of the standard dull colours, I chose things that add a pop of colour to what is normally a subdued weather. I also quite like the coral based colours. Funny, I am not normally a person who would choose colours like these off the shelves but when putting it together like that, I like them. I like the shoes. I don’t do well on heels. I am a klutz even on bare feet so heels are hazardous for me. I believe you can get the flats from The Iconic. 

Winter isn’t here yet but it’s beginning to feel like it. We are now into the first month of Autumn and it’s getting chilly. Infact, I wore a sweater while hanging clothes outside at 21°C. What the heck! How will I survive winter? And I LOVE the cold. What’s up?

What are your winter essentials? Hit me up on Polyvore!


p/s: If you want to purchase makeup, you can get $10 OFF at Luxola when you spend $80! Only for new customers. SHOP NOW!

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